Please read the following items carefully and if you have any questions or are unsure of how these may affect you then please contact us immediately.


If you are under-insured at the time of a loss then the full amount of any claim will not be paid and will therefore be settled proportionately. Insurance policies are subject to average, whereby your claim will be reduced by the degree of under-insurance, whatever the size of the claim and not just for major losses.

The amount you receive from the Insurer will be reduced proportionately if:

  • For buildings and contents/machinery, the actual rebuild or replacement cost is higher than the declared value on the schedule. If you are unsure of the correct figure, you should obtain professional guidance.

  • For stock, if the actual value at risk is higher than the sum insured shown on the schedule.

Business Description

Insurers must be provided with full details of your occupation and any trade processes. Do you anticipate any changes in your business during the next insurance year? for example a different trade or new products. It is important that any changes are notified immediately.

Warranties / Policy Terms & Conditions

It is imperative that all warranties and terms/conditions detailed within both policy wording and policy schedule are complied with. Failure to adhere to these may invalidate your insurance cover.


Insurers must be notified immediately of any claim or potential claim. In the event of malicious damage or theft, immediate notice must be given to the police authority. In respect of liability and motor claims, all third party correspondence must be passed to insurers unanswered and there should be no admission of liability.

Please also advise us of any incidents which have occurred in the last insurance year that were not pursued as claims but may materially affect an underwriters assessment risk. This should include any reports of injury to staff or third parties or any incident that may possibly result in a claim being made against you in the future.

Unoccupied Properties

It is important that you let us know when a property becomes unoccupied as this will affect the terms of your policy cover. The period of time where the property is unoccupied which affects a contract varies; please therefor let us know immediately.